PV Panels And Another Cable

After pouring the concrete for the lintel above the door, the team got back to floor preparation laying the reinforcing bar for the concrete pour. We wanted to organise it for this week but the company cannot do it until the 13th June. Meanwhile, Florent and Esteban are working on closing the stones above the new lintel.

The photovoltaic panels arrived today and we all manhandled them to a storage place. They cannot be used for some time as the pergolas that they form the roofs of will not arrive fro several weeks. They are a bit in the way but there is nowhere else for them to go.

I am coming over less and less as I have done all the preparation work for the builders. Well, I thought I had! I realised the other day that I had missed a cable out from the Car Park to the gates to provide power for the electric gates. Of course, I could have sorted it before the panels arrived but what would be the fun in that? So a combination of gently using the digger and manually finishing a shallow trench enabled me to get the cable in place. It has to be a shallow trench as the geotextile has already been laid and I did not want to break through it.

Although not shown, I also filled the trench back in but left Florent to organise compressing it and levelling the car park again.