Welcome (Sticky Post)

Following the fire at Easter (2022) we decided against rebuilding and instead went ahead with the sale of the property that had been agreed with the purchasers before the fire occurred. With the house went the sizeable insurance policy so the new owners will be rebuilding instead. We wish them good luck and hope it works out well for them.

The fire changed our outlook on life and we decided that the land at Avy was a little too remote for us in case another such emergency occurs. We hope it never will but just in case! So the land at Avy is going to be sold and instead we have quietly purchased a new property that we will be developing over the coming (hopefully) 12 to 18 months. 15 rue Sainte Benête, 17770 MIGRON.

My main role this time will be project management as I think my days of humping large timbers and stones are finally over. However,I am sure I will not be able to resist dabbling in the odd plumbing or electrical installation along the way.

So I started this blog to record our input as the property develops over time to keep friends informed and as a future record for ourselves. The blogs are to the right (or below if using a mobile) and they are sorted by both date and categories if you are looking for anything in particular. In the menu above there is a link to the first post of the blog “A New Project”. At the bottom of each page you can go back to the previous post or forward to the next.