External Slabs 4

In my continuing quest to clear the site as much as possibleI have loaded the trailer for the recycling centre.

I have been installing and testing the internet system to enable me to get the PV panels working. Happily both the cables and the RJ45 plugs I have made all work. The old D-Link router has been converted to an access Point to run on the network here so the wifi field is widening. Eventually I will do the same in the workshop area (plugs already done and tested) so the whole of the front of the house will have a good signal. At the same time I have organised proper cables to replace the temporary ones I used to get the car charger going.

By the end of the day the slabs are getting close to the walls where cuts will be required. The expansion joint in the concrete has been replicated above in the slabs.

Starting to look complete. Metawaley admiring his work just as we are leaving for the evening.