More Ivy Removal

Quiet day on my own on site today. Finally finished off the ivy on the walls behind the car parking area and down the wall on the roadside between the parking area and the arch.

Got the ladder out to get up to the top of the arch and it too now looks much better without the ivy. Bit od a cheat as I still need to do the ivy on the side facing the road but that will be done next week.

Cleaning all these area revealed the condition of the walls and what I need to do tho them. The roadside wall needs maintaining on the joints and the tiling on top as does the arch (there is wuite a sever crack that I need to strengthen and repair. The worst area is the wall behind the car park as someone has “repaired ” it with a layer of concrete that has only covered over the ingress of the ivy and the damage done to the mortar. I will have to take it off carefully and repair it a bit at a time as I am worried it is so soft (from the concrete retaining moisture in the stone wall) it might collapse if it is all taken off at once. That’s for a future visit and probably not until we are living on site!