Garden Wall 2, More Walls and Ivy

When I left last night the wall had progressed well and this morning it looks good having dried out. They are doing a good job matching the existing stonework and I am sure that Henri and Monique will be equally pleased with the results on their side (they were going to put up a concrete block wall but we suggested a proper stone wall instead). It will be strange when it is finally closed off as I will have to walk down the road to see them.

I continued with the ivy removal on the old walls that eventually I will repoint. Ivy is such an invasive plant. The roots get inside the mortar and destroy it which is why it is important to move it regularly. A lot of it is dead (as Henri had it cut back before the sale) but some is still alive. Both grip the wall with enormous strength! It is a dirty dusty activity but I think I am winning.