Water Mains Repair

From the first time I set up the connection the water mains have had a tiny leak on my side of the counter. I could not repair it as the water was being used by the builders all the time. however as they are now off site until the concreting day arrives (tomorrow) I set about doing the repair.

RESE told me I would need to excavate their box which is built up in several parts and once I separated them I should be able to access the pipe to repair it more easily. So into the tough calcaire I dug.

What they did not tell me was that the base was clipped to the top half and it was necessary to literally dig it out completely to find them. Once there though, the repair of the leak was relatively simple and pretty soon it was all re-assembled and filled in.

I still cannot backfill it completely as we need to get both the electric and fibre cables in and as yet, I do not know where they will want to install their box. In the UK, guidance is simple to obtain. Over here it is a different matter. They do not send out technicians and even the drawings they send are not that clear so it is a matter of waiting until they come to do the final installation before I will know.