Jointing and Joists 2

More progress on the small stores which are almost ready for roofing. They have also moved onto the rear wall which is exciting. The window detail shows we are planning to leave the raw concrete window surrounds if possible to show the history of the changes.

Meanwhile I am again inside working on the joists. Installing the hangers first is a bit time consuming (17 screws per hanger) but the speed of cutting and placing the joists makes it worthwhile. This floor was created in just over an hour! I still need to screw them all in place (20 side screws per joist). The end joists will be left loose for now to give access up to the walls for rendering.

The dry weather is wreaking havoc! These sarking boards were cramped as tight as I could get them when installed but the planks have dried out and shrunk significantly to leave quite large gaps. They should close up again as the weather changes, They are not meant to be weather tight as there is roofing paper, an aluminium roof layer and then the PV panels to provide the weather seal for the roof.