Jointing and Joists 1

After our trip to Sancerre I returned to find that the entire end wall had been jointed and the two stores virtually finished. Looking good. The slightly darker mortar helps the stones to stand out which we wanted as they are so beautifully cut and laid.

The attic floor continues inside. I ha ve installed a double joist in preparation for the attic ladder. The guys then told me they wanted clear access above to finish of the rendering of the wall above so I will be putting in every other joist for now to give them clear access. As the latest wood delivery is better and more consistent in size I can pre-install the joist hangars ready to receive the joists

Each day, just before leaving I try to scrape some of the dead ivy from the walls in preparation for future jointing (that I will do once moved in). A square meter or so at a time. I have worked from the house along the wall to now start on the BBQ area under the pergola.