Positive Meeting

Visited the Mairie today to get a few issues clarified. It looks as if I will now be able to burn the rubbish on site , I just need to submit some forms (this is France after all) in order to get an approval. Also clarified accesses for the temporary electrical supply (aerial over the arch) and finishing our driveway up to the road edge. Very helpful meeting with a mayor that is supportive of us developing the site.

So I had a little time to kill before going home and by chance met our neighbours from across the road and invited them into the site to see what we were planning to do. Everyone we have met so far has been friendly and welcoming. Let’s hope it continues when the building work starts and the road is blocked and dirty!

After they left I used the last half hour to cover the metal grill between the two gardens. It is not there to cut us off from the neighbours but to stop the dogs being distracted by them and barking. To be fair, they are generally very well behaved when they are here.

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