First Floor Joists 3

With the floor in, the windows can be started at the back of the house. To get the scaffolding up outside the eventually pathway needed to be part laid. By the end of the day the first one had been opened and prepared for concreting.

The wood quality issues continue and I ache contacted the supplier who seemed to suggest I should sort it out! So I send these photos You can see the discrepancy between the two joists (it was changed once the photo was done). The curve in the joist produced a 2 cm deflection at the midpoint. Putting the ends of two joists together produced a gap of nearly 15 cms at the other end and still the supplier thinks it is OK. They have finally agree d top replace 20 of the 42 joists for me. No compensation for the hassle and additional time taken for the installation but then, that’s France.

My temporary floor was not wide enough for the scaffolding so I had to extend it to a third line of boards.