Replacing the Duff Cable

After installing all the main cables underground, I received a call from the supplier to say that the manufacturer had condemned one of the cables as they had uncovered a manufacturing fault. Great!

They shipped a replacement roll but that still needed us to relay it and I did not want to dig up all the garden again so we tried too pull it through the gain (as this is precisely what it was installed for). Un fortunately it would not shift as there were just too many bends and in fact, as we pulled, it began lifting the ducting from the sand laid for the ground floor. So we bit the bullet and dug it up to the first bend so we could lay it straight for most of its length and this did work although even with three of us pulling it was not easy.

Enter the truck. With the defunct cable on the tow bar we slowly pulled it through as I fed it in to the duct from the other end. It went pretty smoothly until finally the joint I had prepared between the two cables finally gave way. After measuring and scratching heads for a bit we started digging the duct up until we found the cable end rattling inside. Only a couple of meters away from the end thankfully. So we finished pulling it through, repaired the duct (I had to cut it to access the cable) and backfilled the trench once again. Worse thins is that after all that, there may not be a problem with the cable we took out!