PV Panels 10

Came in via the electrical shop having bought the bits need to get the cabling from the panels down to the underground cable that connects the BBQ/Workshop to the car park.

Having read the manual, I have to install an isolator for the PV array to separate it from the electrical connections in case of emergency. So first I have joined my two groups of panels on the roof in parallel in a joint box, then connected a short length of 3 phase cable to drop from the roof to below. There I have connected it to the 4 pole isolator (in other word the switch breaks every live cable and also the neutral) to achieve the separation. At the far end in the car park I have temporarily separated the individual cables to avoid short circuits.

This is the pile of offending PV Panels that need lifting onto the roof. Got the first one up but then discovered that it would be more sensible to start at the other end as the indicator light of the inverters are on the left side and I need to see and check them once the DC current of the panel is connected. I will continue later.