Upper Mezzanine Floor 4

As the oak came from the supplier with marks on it I have decided to plan and/or sand it back to fresh wood. The belt sander dealt with it quite quickly. I then installed the upper beam using coach bolts as the bolt positions are close to the top of the main beam. I have then installed a second chamfered beam that is temporarily using coach bolts but which (when my replacement drill bit arrives) will be replaced with threaded bar though the main beam to give it additional support where the shakes have appeared.

I then turned to working out the installation for the bannisters only to find that the supporting bolt holes are too deep to use the beam I cut in half and prepared (it will be used elsewhere). It also resolved the discussion around cantilevering (or not) the joists over the beam. The support for the bannister has to pass through the fascia and is bolted oso that the triangular plate can be fixed to the underside of the floor so leaking on the bannister will be safe. Doing this through the main beam is not possible so I will trim the joists to a suitable length for the support plates to be fitted. A slight reduction in the atrium but a corresponding increase in the mezzanine floor area.