Sand Blasting

If you have never seen it, this is sand blasting in progress. Jonathan has cleaned the wall (that will be exposed in the Lounge) and is here cleaning up the joists that will remain visible in the room.

The beam below supports the upper mezzanine so will be visible so it too is blasted back to clean wood.

The existing beam That supports the upper mezzanine does not look to be in good health so we are doing some blasting and chopping to see if it is sound or not.

Like the detective in Murder in Paradise I have found a new constant companion. Does not look much in the photo but he is close to 4 inches long!

The decision on the beam is that it is not suitable. Although the majority of it is fine, the end section close to the wall sound hollow from insect attack so either it comes down or it is retained for aesthetic purposes only.

Central joists installed to join the two temporary sections together. Noggins in place but I cannot finish the floor as the two end beams are still awaited.

The beam between the stone pillar and the end wall has been cut out. I will try to reuse it as the timber frame is built. For the moment it is happy to just hang there. Outside the scaffolding is extended to start the preparation of the joints for jointing.