More Tree Surgery

More time spent at site waiting for visitors and more time spent tidying up the trees. they have not been looked after for a long time and need some pretty drastic work.

The pine and fruit tree were growing into each other so I have had to prune them both to clear a space for them. Have also been busy keeping the growth of bramble under control. it soon takes over if it is not checked. Not sure which is worse, bramble or ivy and we have both.

The pathetic looking stick on the right was an apple tree. As you can see it has not grown upright and in fact most of the growth (80%) was pulling it over even more so much that some of the branches were resting on the ground. I have had to hack it back to this in an attempt to save it by retraining the growth upwards. If it lives it will be a miracle. Might have to add a support post next year if it survives.