Filling Time Cleaning Up

Still waiting on planning so negotiations continue with suppliers. We think we have found a trusted contractor to do the majority of the heavy work but with rising prices it is becoming clear that I will have to intervene with the construction more than we originally planned. The budget is getting tight.

So while waiting and in the hope of further reducing costs, I am doing what I can to prepare the site including burning the excess rubbish wood and clearing what I can in the trailer each time I leave.

The Mayor will not let us burn the rubbish on an open bonfire so I am slowly disposing of it in my old BBQ. A lengthy process! I am asking for another meeting to discuss it but I am also aware that the planning approval is dependant on their support.

The ground has firmed up enough for the vehicle tomcod back in. However, after being spoiled by the huge courtyard at the old property, negotiating this site with the van and a trailer is a little tricky.

I have statted removing the straw from the upper floor and mezzanines. It. does not look much but soon builds to a huge pile. If it cannot be burned, I will have to rent a lorry to move it I think. While the structure is reasonable sound There are clearly areas that are not to be trusted so minding where I put my feet as the straw was cleared was important. It is a long way to fall! Gives a great view over the garden though. Well, until the wall and windows go in.