Windows and Timber Frame Installation 10

What a morning. Rain, rain, rain. So I was restricted to internal jobs. Fortunately the roof overhang offered some protection that allowed me to work on the timber frame and finish off installing the main vertical timbers.

However I started by preparing the window openings with breather paper to protect the timber once the window and cladding go in.

The rest of the day was spent installing the horizontal struts to the frame. I still need a few vertical pieces midway above and below the windows and some more horizontal pieces to go in tomorrow. I will then be able to start the external cladding.

The rain was incessant and by 11am the water running down the garden had flooded the path outside the house and to my horror, started to come into the house through the foundation.

I looked everywhere for an alternative reason for the flood but there was none. Despite the heavy rain, the cladding, walls and floor cills were dry.

The photos show 11am, 12am and then two taken at 5pm as I was leaving. Once the rain stopped at about 2pm, the water started subsiding but not before it had progressed more than halfway across the room.

Florent is coming in the morning to discuss a solution. I really do not want to break out the concrete floor if it can be avoided. Hopefully it can be done from the outside.