Windows and Timber Frame Installation 11

Florent arrived first thing this morning and we investigated the leak together. He discovered one of the joints that had not been properly sealed and it looks as if that is where the water was entering. I will dig it back to make sure there are no others and seal whatever I find.

For some reason the wrong piece of wood was installed over the large doors and it ends too high. So I cut and fixed an extension piece. It will all be hidden under the plywood.

I then fitted cladding to the door reveals. I can’t go further on the right hand side until the cladding over the door is done to ensure proper vertical alignment.

They are now ready for the volets (shutters) to be fitted.

Then it was back to constructing the timber frame wall. All the verticals are now done making the window openings more visible.

I will finish the final horizontal pieces tomorrow.