Timber Frame Cladding 1

The volets for the front doors (both sides) are independently installed and need a guiding rail to drop down through. the rail has to be fitted on top of the cladding so before the volet can be installed, both door reveals need to be clad. So today I started on the smaller one on the right hand side of the front elevation. The problem is that in order to keep the alignment of the vertical planks correct on both sides of the door opening, at least the first layer of cladding has to be installed from left to right.

I am waiting on the special black tipped screws for the final fixing which will tie the cladding to the timber frame so for now the planks are just nailed on.

When I got to the right end of the doorway, the timbers were slightly out of vertical so the correct it, I decided to do the entire side from top to bottom and adjusted the fitted planks as I went across.

Afternoon rain sent me inside to move some more oak flooring but it then dried out and I was able to finish the majority of the planks on the left side of the section. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

Even half finished it is possible to see the effect of the timber on the building and the result is pleasing. The photos do not do the cladding justice as it is not a solid black. Close up there are some greens in the finish and the grain is clearly visible. It is a good product nd working with the MD (Even Kask) has been a pleasure.