Windows! and Electrical Distribution Panel 1

A combination of lots of issues including weather, lack of approval and my back has kept me at home planning for some time but today I am on site again for the first time since returning from the UK.

Nearly every self build appears to suffer delays due to the windows and ours has been no exception. Originally planned for an October installation it has been put back due to technical issues with the fitting of the electrical volets.

On return from the UK we received a revised quotation (not a price increase but a record of changes) for the fitting of a cat flap (350 euros!) and much more concerning, the removal of the electric motor for the front gates that they have been promising to install since being given the order. I wanted them in in advance to make our life easier with deliveries etc.

The long and the short of it is that I am on site today (with a bad back) installing the electrical distribution board in the utility area while waiting for contractors to come and give me prices to install the gates as a separate item. I am preparing the riot act to read to the window supplier.

The main gate motor contractors that came made the right noises and I am pleased with the way the distribution board has been assembled. Nothing connected as yet.