Saturday Cherry Picking and Hedging

Saturday so I had the place to myself today. I started by picking the low lying cherries so that I could then trim the branches to make access to and vision out better at the stable under the tree.

I then turned my attention to cutting back the neighbour’s conifer hedge that has been left to grow uncontrolled on our side. It has been planted right up to the boundary so technically (in law) it should not be there (0.5m space should be allowed) and it should be maintained to no higher than 2 metres.

The height is not an issue as it is a good visual screen but it is encroaching seriously on the garden pace. So I attacked it with the electric shears. No t the neatest Jobe but it should grow back to give a more manageable covering next year to trim.

Several trips to the déchetterie to take the branches as burning them is not advisable. Too green and too much resin leads to a very smoky bonfire.

When I read the law again (it is a little ambiguous) I am not sure I had the right to cut it although as it is planted so close I do have the right to ask for it to be removed. The neighbour should come round and do the trimming on my behalf but that is not always easy to achieve. The neighbour has not complained but I will call to see him to make sure it is not an issue.