External Slabs 2

Good start to the day (Not). Despite agreeing to a meeting on site this morning I got an SMS from the boss to go to Cognac and collect Metawaley (now on his own) from the station as their lorry had broken down. Finally back on site and cleaning up the residue from removing the slabs last night. I have agreed a way forward but I have to confess that the quality of the slabs is poor. They are not square so it is impossible to have consistent gaps between them and maintain parallel lines in both dimensions.

Too late to change them so we will have to achieve a compromised solution for laying them as best we can. Metawaley started by clearing off the old glue and then laid a line parallel the concrete base. He then did the same outside the workshop area and finished off with the angled joint. Using these lines he will now move out towards the walls.

Inside the floor looks good except the shower that has yet to be grouted. By mid afternoon good progress was being made on the slabs.

This afternoon, Socover returned to site to look at the broken window and agreed it was a fault and needed a replacement free of charge. Good news there then.

By the end of the day the patio was beginning to look good. I have agreed to ferry Metawaley from and to the railway station at Cognac to make his life easier and ensure he gets here to finish the work.