Making Hay 1

It is Sunday and the weather is looking OK so I have come over to offload the final parts of the fountain that we have bought as they were filling the back of the car. While here, I started looking at continuing the clearing by making a start on the upper floor.

The entire first floor is covered in a deep layer of hay or straw. Cleaning the upper mezzanine was simple compared to clearing this lot. The top layer was very loose but deeper down it is as if it has bound itself to the floor after being there for so long. Once I cut a channel through it was a bit simpler to move but still tough. Looks a lot more down below once swept over than it did on the floor above!

So a small part of the floor is cleared exposing some of its special design elements (Holes). I am deliberately breaking away rotting wood as a hole seems somehow less dangerous than a rotten plank that cannot be seen.

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