Wood Delivery

The wood arrived really quickly to Florent’s stores. The oak beams are expected in a few weeks but the rest has arrived. I borrowed one of his vans and made two trips to to move it all to site. He loaded it to the van with his forklift but I had to offload it manually on site.

in between the trips, Julien Cogne of Socover came to site to do the final measure for the windows so they can be ordered.

The second delivery was mainly panels, both OSB for the attic ceiling and plywood for the external layer of the timber frame wall. It did however also have the two main, incredibly heavy laminated beams for the final supports for the attic and first floors. The panels are all stacked and secured although the OSB has to eventually go up to the attic.

With the machines all off site I have had to fill the holes around the pergola bases manually.