Fibre Optic Cable

The only gaine (conduit) I installed without pre-wiring was the fibre optic. Issues with Orange (who manage the infrastructure in France) left me with no cable to insert.

I have since bought my own to pull through. However, no matter who, or how we tried, we could not get the fiber rod to pass from one end to the other. In the end, I put one rod in from one end (yellow) and a second rod in from the other end (green) to try to get them to cross over in the gaine. I then took pot luck and excavated where I thought that might be to locate the fibre optic gaine (green).

I was lucky on the first dig, found the electric gaines (red) and the one I was looking for and when I cut it open found both rods and managed to get them pulled out of the gaine I had cut.

I then pulled the cable through from the centre to one end and then from the centre to the other end and finally got it through. However, after ore research I have two problems. The cable I bought may not be the right one (despite it being described as suitable) and I am not sure if it has survived the pulling through without damage.

I am gong to bite the bullet and pay Orange to come out and sort it!