First Visit As Owners!

Saturday afternoon and the rain is on its way so we visited the new land after lunch to do some grass cutting and weed clearing.

It was heavy going because the grass was wet and the mower wheels are not working properly so I had to push it manually. Grateful it was flat, although I did discover one or two little dips that will need to be dealt with.

Also spent some time deciding on trees to retain, trees to plant and trees to manage, then pruned a load of branches to make it easier to get through with the mower. The tractor mower should be back soon but with a fortnight of rain predicted, this could be the last cut before the spring.

Sadly, the swing is in the way of the proposed car parking so will have to be dismantled and disposed of.

Also, this fig tree is self seeded so will have to be removed as it is growing too close to the front wall and neighbouring barn. We will plant a replacement.